Grasshopper workshop for beginners.

An introduction to visual programming with Grasshopper oriented to architecture and computational design strategies.

March 2015 in Paris.



With Hugh Dutton Associates and La Gâité Lyrique

An international design workshop for students, researchers and professionals: 3 days to learn and explore the blurring boundaries between art, architecture and engineering.

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The school of the future will be a networked community focused on learning.

We need to evolve from school classes to learning environments.

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superbelleville coworking

A collaborative space for architects, parametric designers, visual artists and slashers.

Started in 2013 by Francesco Cingolani, Oikos and Small Bang, superbelleville is a coworking space in the heart of Belleville, in Paris.

It’s a quiet and friendly place and it is designed on a human scale.

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Scenography :
between people and arts

We worked closely with Adeline Rispal and her Studio to create and develop, a collaborative blog for cross-disciplinary thinking about exhibition architecture.

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community before building

I had the chance to work with Ecosistema Urbano on dreamhamar, a participation process in which we used the so-called network design methodology to redesign the main square of Hamar, a small town in Norway.

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Open research platform about parametric design, art and architecture

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I created the blog in 2009 when I was working as computational designer at Hugh Dutton Associates.

Since 2010, I work as an indipendent collaborator for the parisian firm and I am in charge of communication, public relations, content management, digital strategy, research and innovation.

Today, is the core of the communication strategy of Hugh Dutton Associates and it aims to build a trandisciplinar, blog-based community of students, professionals and thinkers interested in parametric design, computational art and architectural innovation.